Moisturize meh!
Driest parts of my skin? Oy! I don’t even understand where to start.

On my face, normally my cheeks, as well as this is consistent all year ’round, even summer. as well as then around the middle of wintertime I begin getting dry patches around my mouth as well as my nostrils, as well as often they’re so dry that they turn red as well as flaky. Weirdly, however, this wasn’t always the case. Up up until my early 30s, I had straight-up oily skin as well as dryness was never an issue. often I’d even avoid moisturizer, GASP! Now, though, that is no longer an option. When I don’t utilize lotion on my face, my skin feels truly tight. often it hurts.


Oh, the woes of a dry-cheeked girl…

On my body, the dryness is quite much spread around the place. It’s equal chance dryness! — although there are places, like my shins, my feet as well as particularly my hands, that do get noticeably drier in the winter.

I actually never leave the home without a tube of hand cream in my purse.


القطط و البلوز ماكياج؟

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And I’ve absolutely observed that the dryness depends upon the climate as well as the humidity. When I leave the Bay Area, like when I go to Redding to see my in-laws up north, where it’s inland as well as there’s much lower humidity, the dryness kicks up a number of notches. exact same thing when I go to Las vegas or Arizona or other parts of the Southwest.

I believe if I resided in those areas I’d have to begin bathing in durable cream moisturizer, LOL!

وماذا عنك؟ How’s your dry skin situation, as well as what are the driest areas?

مدمن نداء المجتمع الخاص بك،


ملاحظة. So the Pope as well as I go to the exact same bakery.

للريال! This morning I heard on the news that a regional bakery in town, Rustic Bakery in Novato, is supplying Pope Francis with flatbread as well as crostini during his go to to the U.S. this week.

I mean, it’s not like he’ll be standing in line next to me while I get my baguette or anything (although that would be quite cool), it’s nearly like we’re breaking bread together. تقريبيا. Actually, I have half a loaf of their rosemary bread in my kitchen area ideal now. I’ve been utilizing it for sandwiches.

That Rustic Bakery location is SO good. Don’t even get me started on their limeade. I drank everything summer!


They make some bomb-@ss soups as well as salads, too.

Chickpea Spread, Artichoke Puree Soup as well as Iced Tea from Rustic Bakery
Rustic Bakery Egg Salad with Flatbread
And mouthwatering sweets. I’m a huge fan of this brownie…

Rustic Bakery Brownie
If you’re ever passing with Novato, you must inspect it out! They likewise have a place in the town of Larkspur.